Terms & Policies


What is included with your final delivery:

All scripts created and all raw footage shot for the project become the property of the client. Logos and animation created for the project become client property as well. This media can also be used in other projects.  

Stock footage purchased and music licensed for a given project are clients property to use only in that given program.

Payment Policy:

Moving Images creates a custom proposal with an itemized bid/estimate for the project. The process continues with client input to determine a final proposal. After completing the proposal, Moving Images drafts a contract outlining negotiated agreement. The project is broken down into three or four installments depending on the length of the production process. Throughout the production process, approval points coincide with installment due dates. Opening deposit is required to initiate the project, installments are made during the production process, with final payment due on completion of approved finished master.

Cancellation Policy:

Based on the scoop of the project - cancellation will be determined in the contract.

Typical Cancellation Policy: Local projects 24 to 48 hours before principal photography, after which a 50% cancellation fee is charged.  

Location Permits:

Location permits are the responsibility of the client. As negotiated Moving Images can act as a liaison in helping clients obtain various permits. Some locations will require an additional insurance certificate/binder, as negotiated Moving Images can also help with the appropriate insurance.


Moving Images provides business and liability insurance for all Moving Images productions, this includes extensive property and equipment coverage.