Docu - Style

  • Create a Relaxed, Unassuming Atmosphere for Personal Interviews.
  • Unique Storytelling                                                                     
  • Custom editing
  • Multi-Camera set up
  • Professional Lighting
  • Digital Audio 
  • Mutli-format delivery    
  • Encoding, Uploading for Internet Deliverables                         

Create a Relaxed, Unassuming Atmosphere for Personal Interviews.




I never would have...

After being interviewed for the Gooden Center Documentary, Bill, the parent of a resident in the rehabilitation center shared his apprehension to live through his family’s anguish again on camera even though it was so important to share the story.  But the setting, the personal conversation and the atmosphere created by Moving Images enhanced his comfort level allowing him to share the story that has helped so many others. 



From the Two Camera Set of The Golden Center


A Wish Come True

Alex was six when he was diagnosed with leukemia. Instead of a victim he has always thought of himself as a superhero. So when Moving Images was task with shooting the behind the scenes of his big day with Make-a-Wish we incorporated docu-style interviews into a comic book format using After-Effects.  Letting Alex tell his story in a theme that accentuates his positivity.  


Friendship Shelter-Mini Documentary

  • Shot on location in Laguna Beach, CA
  • Scott Hays Producer
  • Shot and Edited by Moving Images on Sony F-5 and Avid Nitris

ALS Promo-Mini Doc for Angel Stadium ALS Event

Dan's best friend Tom Masters Diagnosed with ASLS in 2008


Tasting Panel Magazine Documentary Shoot in San Francisco, CA


From on location at Fleming Steakhouse Restaurants


BTS - The Making of...

Moving Images not only produced Daniel Emmet's first two music videos, but also the behind-the-scenes video. 





Documentary about The Gooden Center

This unique program was designed to reach families who suffered from substance abuse. Residents and family members shared their heartwarming stories of tears and triumph.


Documentary about Bethany Christian School

This K-12 plus pre-school mini-doc has a program length of just under 30 minutes, although it was designed to be viewed in segments on-line.


Behind The Scenes-The Making of a Super Hero

After being chosen by Make-A-Wish to receive his wish of spending the day as  Robin (Batman's sidekick) Moving Images shot behind the scenes to help capture all the events of the day. As a followup, Alex and his parents shared their reaction to the extraordinary experience of being a Make-A-Wish recipient.


Make-a-Wish: The Making of a Super Hero  

  • Featurette
  • Produced by: Chris McKechnie
  • Birds Eye Productions (Provided Drone Aerials)

Featurette to Promote the This is My Brave Documentary.

The Video was shot with two red cameras.


A Crowd Funding Video 

Successful campaign raised monies to seek financial help for Nancy Keene's medical and housing needs.


Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Scott Hays Producer
  • Dan McKechnie DP
  • Shot and Edited by Moving Images on Red Cinema Camera and Final Cut
  • Top Silver Tele Award Winner-June 2018

A Frame Grab from the Red Camera on the set of Iconic Beauty.