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  • Create a Relaxed, Unassuming Atmosphere for Personal Interviews.
  • Unique Storytelling                                                                     
  • Custom editing
  • Multi-Camera set up
  • Professional Lighting
  • Digital Audio 
  • Mutli-format delivery    
  • Encoding, Uploading for Internet Deliverables                         

          Create a relaxed, unassuming

      atmosphere for personal




I never would have...

After being interviewed for the Gooden Center Documentary, Bill, the parent of a resident in the rehabilitation center shared his apprehension to live through his family’s anguish again on camera even though it was so important to share the story.  But the setting, the personal conversation and the atmosphere created by Moving Images enhanced his comfort level allowing him to share the story that has helped so many others. 



From the Two Camera Set of The Golden Center Documentary

From the set of Iconic Beauty

FROM $1750.00 / Per Person


Prepare for your retreat

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Here is the video playing above

Behind the scenes for the Making of Daniel Emmet's two music videos. 

Documentary about The Gooden Center.

Documentary about Bethany Christian School.

Featurette to promote the This is My Brave Documentary. The Video was shot with two red cameras.

Make A Wish made Alex's wish to be a crime fighter come true. This is a behind the scenes look "Comic Book Style" of Alex's big day.

Tasting Panel Magazine Documentary Shoot in San Francisco, CA

A Frame Grab from the Red Camera on the set of Iconic Beauty

From on location at Fleming Steakhouse Restaurants