When your shoot calls for a sound stage...

Moving Images has created video content at many Studios in Southern California. ABC Studios (Hollywood), KCET Studios (Burbank), KCAL (Los Angeles), Pomona Studios, South Bay Studios/Thunder Studios (Long Beach),

From NBC Speed Shop with South Bay Studios to the "Spark of Love" with KABC, Moving Images will accommodate your production needs whether on location or in studio.


Examples of available sound stages at Thunder Studios:

Stage 1-Size 7,200 SQF W60' D120' H19'.  3-Wall CYC, Motion Gantry, Grid, Sound Dampened, Wardrobe, Client Area 


Stage 2-Size 7,000 SQF. W50’ D140’ H25’ 3-Wall CYC, 21’ Turntable, 40' Lightbox, Flats, Motion Gantry


Stage 3-Size 16,000 SQF W100’ D160’ H25’ 3-Wall CYC, Lightbox, Green Curtain, Motion Gantry, Grid, Client Area


Stage 4-Size 8,000 SQF. W50’ D160’ H27’ Grid, Wardrobe, Client Area, High Ceiling, Elevated Production Offices


Stage 10-Size 5,000 SQF W50’ D100’ H25’ 2-Wall CYC, Lightbox, Flats, Grid, Wardrobe, Client Area 


Stage 11- 5,000 SQF W50’ D100’ H25’ 3-Wall CYC, Green Screen, Pre-Lit LED, Motion Gantry, Grid


Stage 12- 5,000 SQF W50’ D100’ H25’ 2-Wall CYC, Lightbox, Flats, Motion Gantry, Grid, Wardrobe, Client Area 


Stage 14- 11,500 SQF W100’ D115’ H25’ 3-Wall CYC, Lightbox, Flats, Motion Gantry, Grid, Wardrobe, Client Area


Stage 19- 6,750 SQF W50’ D135’ H25’  3-Wall CYC, Standing Sets, Partial Grid, Wardrobe, Client Area